Top 10 Best Camcorders In India : Best For Making Youtube Videos

Top 10 Best Camcorders In India : Prices and Reviews

Welcome to the post of best handycam. Do you look for the best camcorder in India? And looking for the best Specifications: like focus, resolution, microphone input and Specifications: for recording. There is one solution for all who wants to capture their loving memories with the list of top 10 video cameras that meets for everyone budget. Here in this post we will also compare different handycam price in india

The video camera recorders which are lightweight and compact that ensures high-quality video recording for different light settings are best. A question may arise in your mind why to buy camcorders instead of the latest digital cameras and smartphones. So, the answer is if you want dedicated footage of videos with high quality stabilizing the images, the best video cameras are the right choice. You find it difficult to find the best budget camcorders from a wide range of models available in the market so this article helps you a lot.

What are the features that a camcorder must have?

First and important thing you need to consider while purchasing the best camcorders are right features that suit the user. Almost all the video camera models in India have some common Specifications: like autofocus, LCD monitor while others are available as per the model. If you want to shoot small videos of festivals, memories or home videos then considering the Specifications: mentioned below are significant.

Key Specifications: while buying a new Camcorder:

⇒ Options of Zoom: There are two types of zoom options exist for best video cameras which are digital and optical. Quality of snapshots is not affected by the physical movement of the lens for 10x to 50x optical zoom.

⇒ Low Light: Low shutter speeds are available for some of the camcorders to shoot in conditions of dim or low light especially in nights. And some video recording camera models have inbuilt infrared light or illumination device for better compensation during evenings and indoor places.

⇒ Image Stabilizers: To reduce the effect of normal shake while shooting a scene is done with optical or electronic stabilizer.

⇒ Sound: Opt for best Handycam that is attached with a microphone on the front or top of the camera.

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List of Top-Rated Best Camcorder in India 2018

Below are the list of best handycam in India. Also you will able to campare these handycam price in India

1.Sony HDR-CX405 Handycam HD 9.2MP Camcorder

  1. The first we suggest Sony HDR CX405 camcorder which has high-quality Carl Zeiss 29.8mm lens for providing awesome clarity. Even for conditions of low lighting experience better results by ExmorR CMOS sensor in Sony Handycam for best quality videos.
  2. For better representation of the screen, the 230k 2.7-inch Sony camcorders LCD display produce bright and sharp images even at outdoor.
  3. Smoother capture of videos probable with HD camcorder image stabilization SteadyShot with compensation of shakes by active mode. Many combinations are available for best Handycam video camera with traditional intelligent different scenes.
  4. Distinguishing of different age group face is detected automatically with the technology of Sony high definition video camera face detection. Get close to the action with clear optical and digital zooms of this Handycam of Sony through the powerful processor. Charging or transfer of photos is made easy with inbuilt USB 2.0 cable available with Sony HDRCX405 camera. This one is the first best camcorder in India of our list.


Brand Sony
Lens Type Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar
Warranty Period From the date of purchasing Sony will get you a one-year period of warranty.
LCD Size of Display 2.7 Inches
Processor Used BIONZ X Image Processor
Support of HD Yes
Type Camcorder
Speed of Shutter 1/10000 sec
Name of the Model HDR-CX405
Max Resolution 9.2 MP
Sensor Type Exmor R CMOS
Digital Zoom 350x

2.Panasonic HC-V180 Full HD Camcorder Camera

  1. For a better experience of shooting condition by automatically correcting tilting images, we recommend Panasonic Handycam level shot function. According to the user, this camcorder provides perfect video shoots with impressive filter effects.
  2. Audio capture with Panasonic HC-V180 full HD camcorder is clear with 2 channel microphones. Crisper images are delivered by advanced scaling technology of HCV180 camera pictures with the intelligent function of zoom.
  3. Unwanted shake and blurring are suppressed with five-axis correction of O.I.S.+ hybrid lens for crisp images capture. Take group shots by fitting a greater number of people in the frame with top 10 camcorders wide-angle 28mm function.
  4. With an optical zoom range of 50x of best Panasonic camcorders makes you much closer. This one is the second best camcorder in India of our list.


Name of the Brand Panasonic
Optical Zoom 50x
Shutter Speed 1/30-1/8000 sec
Type of Screen Resolution Full HD
Variant of SLR 28mm wide lens
Period of Warranty Guarantee period of 2 years from the manufacturer provides to the customer for this best Handycam camera by Panasonic.
Kind of Camera Camcorder
Display Size 2.7 Inch
Model Name HC-V180 Full HD
Maximum Resolution 10 Megapixels
Sensor MOS

3.Sony HDR-PJ410 Full HD Video Recording Camera

  1. Capture your loving moments with awesome details by Sony HDR-PJ410 video recording camera which is ultra-portable and lightweight. Optical SteadyShot feature offers snapshots without any blur by correcting the camera shake.
  2. From anywhere connect to many several devices at a time of your family and friends with Sony Handycam 13lm inbuilt projector. For zoom in to subjects Sony HDRPJ410 video camera has 30x and 350x magnification for optical and digital zooms.
  3. Even for dim and brighter settings, this camcorder has ExmorR CMOS Sensor for producing images with impressive quality. This one is the third best camcorder in India of our list.


Brand Sony
Model HDR-PJ410
Display LCD 2.7 Inches
Zoom of Optical Lens 30 x
Effective Pixels 9.2 Megapixel
Type of Lens Zeiss Vario Tessar
Kind of Sensor CMOS
Screen Resolution Full High Definition
Camera Type Camcorder
Period of Guarantee Warranty from Sony is provided for one year.
Resolution of Images 230,400 dots
Size of Sensor 3.1mm

4.Panasonic HC-V180K Full HD camcorder with 16GB SD Card

  1. Either you shoot in high zoom or in wide angle the five-axis HYBRID O.I.S.+ correction in Panasonic full HD camcorder delivers clear images and a professional shoot. You can shoot video in nightscapes or indoor with mindblowing clarity as best Panasonic HC-V180K video cameras has BSI sensor to adjust bright and dim conditions.
  2. You can capture amazing close-ups with intelligent 90x and optical zoom of 50x that has impressive creative controls. Normal, off and strong levels of settings for automatic level footage make your shoot real.
  3. Shoot a large group of people in a small room as Panasonic HC-V180K video recording camera has wide angle function of 28mm. The inbuilt microphone of best camcorders in India 2018 picks up even low sounds with more dynamic features available.  This one is the forth best camcorder in India of our list.


Brand Panasonic
Type of Panasonic Camera Camcorder
Media Format Digital Multisystem
Resolution Maximum 2.51 MP
Guarantee Term The manufacturer decides the period of warranty for best Handycam by Panasonic.
Name of the Model HC-V180K
Resolution of Screen Full HD
Optical Zoom 50x
Kind of Display 2.7 Inch LCD
Digital Zoom 150 x

5.Sony FDR-AX40 Handycam

  1. Do you want to buy the best 4k video camera recorder inbuilt with more advanced functions? Then we have Sony FDR-AX40 Handycam for you with the best price. Captured movies with this Sony camcorder are more expressive through effects like a time-lapse and high-speed recording.
  2. The internal flash memory of 64 GB is available in FDR-AX40 digital 4K camera recorder for recording videos. Natural dimension is enhanced with Sony Handycam recording of surround sound with many user-friendly and neurogenic functions.
  3. 100 Mbps bit rate recording is possible through Sony digital video camera recorder XAVC-S. Responsive fast intelligent autofocus and an optical steady shot enhance the image clarity. Compared to other 4K Handycams Sony FDR-AX40 digital camcorder price is affordable with 20x optical zoom. This one is the fifth best camcorder in India of our list.


Name of the Brand Sony
Digital Zoom 250 x
Display Kind 2.95 Inch LCD Screen
Sony Video Camera Type Camcorder
Screen Resolution Type 4K Full HD
Term for Guarantee Enjoy 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects from Sony India.
Flash Memory 64 GB
Optical Zoom 20X
Type of Speaker Monaural
Model Name FDR-AX40
Max Resolution 8.2

6.Panasonic AG-U90ED 4K Professional Camcorder

  1. You can record multiple times without any hurdles in this best Panasonic 4K video camera recorder through dual SD card slots.
  2. File formats of AVCHD or MP4 are supported by Panasonic AG-U90ED professional camcorder with Full HD or UHD resolutions.
  3. While you face any changes in the focal distance, the focus unit provides high precision images. The technology used for autofocusing by AG-U90ED Handycam uses the primary algorithm speed tracking and stability of snapshots. Several different features are equipped with top 10 handheld cameras in India of Panasonic with powerful AF function.


Brand Name Panasonic
Optical Zoom 15x
Model AG-U90ED
Sensor MOS
Type of Camera Panasonic Camcorder
Guarantee Term Panasonic offers a warranty on defects related to manufacturing.
SD Card Slots Dual
Wide Angle Lens 24.5mm

7.Panasonic HC-V770 HD Handycam with Wireless Smartphone

  1. Experience the capture of twin video by connecting your wireless smartphone video camera with this Panasonic product.
  2. The range of price varies for Full HD, 4K resolution and 4K with user’s customization and a genuine warranty from the manufacturer. A professional look is available for videos captured in Panasonic HC-V770 HD camera with a feature of HD range.
  3. Shoot videos of high definition through this Panasonic HC-V770 HD Handycam with creative video effects. And even the far away scenes are displayed close with amazing clarity through the 20x long zoom.


Brand Panasonic
Period of Warranty Experience warranty as per the manufacturer from date of purchase of the product.
Camera Kind Camcorder
Sensor Type BSI MOS
Name of the Model HC-V770
Long Zoom 15x
Video Resolution High Definition

8.Panasonic HC-V385 HD Video Camcorder

  1. Enjoy a new level of shooting with Panasonic HD camcorders as you can add extra emotions to the footage and movies which make your shoot more realistic. While you shoot in small space with many people, Panasonic HC-V385 Handycam fits the frame through a 28mm wide angle.
  2. And with the option of Wi-Fi, you can record in subwindows by connecting with the smartphones. Panasonic HC-V385 video recording camera make distant objects close and sharper through 50x optical zoom and intelligent zoom of 90x.
  3. You will never experience any blur part in images captured with HCV385 Handycam as 5 axis correction and OIS offers less blurring. Automatic correction of images captured if any tilting finds by Panasonic camera video recorder with the new level shot feature.


Name of the Brand Panasonic
Resolution of Video HD
Model Name HC-V385
Kind of Camera Video Camcorder
Optical Zoom 50x
Warranty Term Seller decides the period of guarantee.
Wide Angle Fit 28mm
Wi-Fi Yes

9.Panasonic HC-PV100 High Definition Camcorder

  1. Shooting in dark places is now possible with Panasonic HD camcorders as LED video light inbuilt offers the best light source in dim places. Without losing data record continuously as best as video camera recorder of Panasonic has hot swap through dual SD card slots.
  2. The body of the Panasonic HC-PV100 camera is compact that has an optical 20x zoom feature is here to capture high picture quality. In any condition, beautiful scenes are recorded by advanced best camcorders through BSI sensor with low distortion of unwanted particles of air.
  3. For every shooting situation, Panasonic Handycam delivers blurless and clear results by suppressing the unwanted shakes. This is the best professional camera video recorder for all types of events like conferences, party, holidays and weddings.


Brand Name Panasonic
Size of LCD 3 Inch
Term of Guarantee As per the seller warranty period of video camera recorder varies.
Type of Resolution for Screen 460k dots
Effective Pixels 6 MP
Model HC-PV100
Shutter Speed 1/8000 sec
Camera Type Video Camera
Support of HD Yes
Optical Zoom 20x

10.Panasonic HC-V785 High Definition Video Camera

  1. With the help of Wi-Fi connection with your smartphone which acts as a sub camera for best Panasonic camcorder that shoots in 2 different angles.
  2. High pixel images are produced by Panasonic HC-V785 HD video cameras through great sensitivity sensor for the highly effective area. The separate lens system of four delivers great zooming and making images more realistic.
  3. As per your requirement, changes can be made quickly in the Panasonic Handycam through HDR button and it has optical 20x zoom lens. The shooting of videos will be level and stable through optical image stabilizer that has a correction of five-axis.


Brand Panasonic
Resolution of Video 1080 pixels
Camera Kind Video Recording Camcorder
Size of Display 2.8 Inches
Type of Sensor BSI CMOS
Warranty 2 years guarantee available from the Panasonic India Video Cameras from purchase date.
Optical Zoom 20x
Resolution Maximum 12.76 Megapixels
Name of the Model HC-V785
Flash Memory 8 GB
Turning Angle 180 degree

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At last make the right decision in buying the best video camera recorders considering all the capabilities like size, great images with better control options. A camcorder is in lightweight than previous models and easily fits in the hands with a durable body. If you want to record your best moments of your any adventurous activity, then opt for action camcorders that are waterproof. As per choice of customer select any from above listed top 10 best camcorder in India which are available with complete reviews. According to present trending Handycam models that are available from top brands like Panasonic, Sony, Canon and, Samsung.

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