Top 10 Best Convection Microwave Oven In India : Prices and Reviews

Top 10 Best Convection Microwave Oven In India : Prices and Reviews

Nowadays cooking has become more diverse with different cuisines and styles of cooking. To ease our work of cooking new dishes there are more new appliances coming in the market with new technologies. In our fast and busy life, no one has that daily time to only spend on cooking because it needs a lot of time to cook tasty and healthy food but these new appliances help to manage time properly for cooking and they make cooking a less time taking work. One such device is a microwave convection oven. In this article, I m going to give you the detailed review of best convection microwave oven in India. 

List of Best convection microwave oven in India 2018

Now, it’s time to compare different best convection microwave oven in India. This list has top 10 best convection microwave oven.


This convection microwave oven is first best convection microwave oven in india in our list. It has a capacity of 23 liter which is perfect for Indian families and power consumption is also moderate which does not cost you large in electricity charges. Considering the factors of usage, design, and price this is the best microwave oven in India.

Valuable features :

  • Capacity – 23 liter
  • Multistage cooking – it keeps the food warm for longer time
  • Weight Defrost feature – to defrost the frozen food based on it’s weight
  • Three modes – microwave, grill and convection
  • Maximum temperature – 220° Celsius
  • 71 auto cook options
  • The cavity of stainless steel
  • Fermentation, which means grease will be eliminated by the steam created in the microwave
  • The user interface comes with a nice LED display
  • 1-year warranty on product and 3-year warranty on its parts like magnetron and cavity


IFB is a household name when it comes to microwave and they have the best microwaves under ₹10000. This microwave comes with lots of features that are enough for you to cook any Indian food or recipes.

Valuable features :

  • Capacity – 20 liter
  • It has a combi tech feature which has two modes (grill + microwave) and (convection + microwave)
  • Operating voltage is around 230 volts
  • Speed defrost feature to defrost frozen food within a minute
  • Multi-stage cooking along with 24 auto cook menu options
  • The child lock safety feature locks it smartly without affecting the working of oven
  • Touch display
  • Auto clean technology, auto menu, preheating
  • Keep warm feature

1-year warranty on product and 3-year warranty on magnetron and cavity

Here is the list of best induction cooktop you can even check the list it might be helpful for you.


This one is the 3rd best convection microwave oven in india .It has an amazing design and body like other LG products. It is a price worthy product that provides a no. of features. It is best suitable for a medium and large size family.

Valuable features :

  • Capacity – 28 liter
  • Power – 3100 watts
  • Diet fry feature – that allows you to cook your favorite snacks such as samosa, pakoda with lesser oil.
  • Auto cook menu has 251 cooking options with 175 Indian recipes.
  • Premium design and eye-catching looks
  • Quartz heater prevents hand injury
  • 1-year warranty on product and 5-year warranty on magnetron


If you are looking for an oven for small sized families under ₹10000, then this would be a great choice.

Valuable features :

  • Capacity – 23 liter
  • Power – 1350 Watt
  • Comes with a tandoori heater feature
  • 360 degree clean
  • Smart wave technology ensures efficient use of power
  • 101 auto cook menus
  • A constant level of power is provided by smart ware technology which eliminates overcooked food edges and cold spots
  • Demo of the product is also given while installation
  • 3 years warranty

In this best convection oven reviews article, we have also listed here convection oven price list in India. The price may vary sometime.


It has a stainless steel cavity, which keeps the interior of cavity scratch free and stain resistant and makes your cleaning process quicker. The inner cavity is rounded without sharp corners.

Valuable features :

  • Capacity – 23 liter
  • Power – 1200 watt in convection and grill mode
  • A high-speed velocity fan system ensures a good system of heat
  • Auto defrost system
  • It has 5 power levels depending on the level of heating you desire
  • Child lock system to avoid any mishappening
  • Cooking alarm ensures when heating or cooking is over
  • Stain resistant interiors and scratch free, rounded inside and no sharp corners.
  • 2-year warranty


Bajaj is a growing brand in the field of Electronics and kitchen appliances it is coming with multiple products this Bajaj grill Convection microwave oven of 25 litres is enough to serve small size family. It comes with both Convection and grill mode. It also looks great and stylish because of the black color classy body which gives a premium look to your kitchen.

Specifications :

  • capacity – 25 liters
  • Convection and grill mode available
  • Electronic control and different power levels to serve your need for baking and cooking different foods.
  • Black body and stainless steel cavity that support easy cleaning and black shiny body adds tp your kitchen a quality styling product
  • It has a digital timer, steam clean technology and keeps warm functions. This keep warm function helps you to keep the food warm even after it has been cooked and enables you to serve the food hot and tasty in your plates.
  • It has an extra feature of grill mode which can be used to prepare grilled dishes such as paneer tikka, grilled sandwiches, etc.
  • Power – 1300 Watt
  • Warranty -1 year

Before buying any product please do compare various convection oven price in India on two of leading e-commerce site Amazon & Flipkart. Is our best convection oven in India reviews article is relevant to you? Please let us know.



Kenstar is one best brand when it comes to the name of kitchen appliances. It manufactures good quality and futuristic microwave convection oven. It’s product display always attract customers. The new antibacterial cavity provided by kenstar keeps the food hygienic every time in the oven and reduces the bacterial growth by around 99%.

Specifications :

  • Capacity – 25 liter which is enough for a small-sized nuclear family
  • 150 auto cook menus that support automatic cooking and you just needed to select from the menu. There is also 10 power levels for cooking food
  • It has 2 types of combi function – ( microwave and grill) and (microwave and convection )
  • Stainless steel cavity for even heating. 270 mm turntable diameter and 95 minutes cooking timer.
  • Child safety lock provides extra safety while operating
  • Power – 1400 watts and operating voltage of 220 – 240 volts
  • A free demo would be given by the brand for the microwave oven.
  • Warranty – 1 year on product and 3 years on the magnetron.



This Samsung microwave oven is not only rated among the best because of its looks but it also performs very well. This capacity of the oven is best suited for a small sized family with 2-3 members. It comes with a touch system fo4 operating oven and selecting a menu, eliminating the need for buttons.

Specifications :

  • Capacity – 20 liter best suited for 2 – 3 members
  • It fits easily in any kitchen because it occupies very less space
  • Inner cavity has no corners. It is built round to make the task of cleaning easy
  • Triple distribution system (TDS) which overcome the problem of uneven distribution of heat
  • Samsung rapid defrost system lets you defrost the frozen food quickly
  • Child safety lock system ensures you to make your oven childproof and provides safety to your children
  • Touchpad instead of buttons It has an ECO button to save the energy at standby by 40 %
  • Power – 1150 watt and operating voltage of 230 volts



This over is designed to provide you with a multistage cooking feature which helps you to cook and frill your dishes separately. It has. a mirror finishes control panel.

Specifications :

  • Capacity: 20 liter which is enough for a small sized family
  • 5 different power levels to cook the food according to your recipes
  • Pre-programmed menu to cook dishes present in the menu.8 auto cook menus
  • Stainless steel cavity which scatters uniform heat within the microwave oven
  • Multi-stage cooking to cook food at different power levels
  • Combo cooking which enables the collective use of microwave + grill + convection
  • Power – microwave (1270 watt), grill (1000watt)

Warranty – 2 years on entire product


best convection microwave oven in india


LG has been a good player in consumer electronics goods market from a long time. They have been selling a wide range of consumer appliances. Their microwave ovens are also ranked best for their quality and innovative features.


  • Capacity – 28 liter which is best suitable for more than 5 members
  • The stainless steel cavity helps in uniform heating inside the cavity
  • Power – 3100 Watt
  • The concealed heater in this oven prevents any hand injury
  • It has151 auto cook menus which cooks a no. of healthy and tasty dish
  • Warranty – 1 year on product and 3 years on magnetron

With one such good microwave convection oven, lots of dishes can be prepared such as kababs, tandoori chicken, cakes, bread and other baked items. Cooking in the microwave is considered a healthy choice because it consumes lesser oil than our traditional cooking methods. You can even save on LPG and electricity bills because it used 70% – 80% lesser energy than the traditional methods and it is also a time-saving kitchen appliance.

The microwave oven is a lot better than gas stove because gas stove tend to heat up the kitchen and it is also less safe than microwave as microwave oven does not need any gas/fuel supply rather they use electricity to work and ovens are closed too which adds safety from burning.

If you have already decided to buy a microwave convection oven then this article will help you to choose the best one among the different available in the market. We have prepared this list of top microwave convection ovens in India based on multiple factors like price, features, capacity, warranty, etc. We are sure that this buyer guide will definitely help you to select the best oven for your kitchen.

Using a microwave oven is the best way to start learning cooking if you are a beginner because it has automatic cooking formats that allow you to cook the food even if you don’t know anything about cooking.

best convection microwave oven in india

Factors to consider while buying a microwave convection oven

  1. Size and capacity

Size and capacity are important to consider. Capacity refers to the volume present in the microwave which is measured in liters.(example : 20 litre, 30 litre , 15 litre). One should choose the capacity according to their requirement of cooking for efficient cooking.

  1. Unlimited cooking options

Microwave ovens come with the capability of cooking different foods with different styles such as grilling, roasting, and baking. These features should be focussed while purchasing it.

  1. Power consumption

Ovens consumes a power of 600 – 1500 watts. However, most of the ovens come with an intelligent heating system that reduces power consumption. High wattage ensures fast cooking but it also bumps your electricity bill.

  1. Budget

Always consider your price range and try to compare the products within your price range that will help you most in choosing the best product for you.

  1. Additional features

If you are looking for a complete advanced microwave oven then you must go for the one with many different features and new technology. But try to follow those features only which are beneficial for your kitchen.

Watch out this video to know more, hope this video will help you to find best one


This list of containing top 10 best convection microwave oven in India has listed all of the top rated products available in the market. You have to consider the important factors and focus your needs. We have done a lot of research to collect all these information and provides you with this data. You don’t need to confuse between the given products, just decide your budget and choose from the above list.

The prices given above are not exact values. You have to first check the exact prices online or through the retailer. The prices may vary over time and from retailer to retailer.

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