Top 5 Best Gaming Console : Find Out Here Your Favorite

Top 5 Best Gaming Console : Find Out Here Your Favorite

You are a game lover! I know. I  also love to play too many games, especially those which are designed for particular gaming consoles. Playing games on play stations and Xbox would be a kind of ‘WOW’ experience. If you want to buy a new gaming console and searching for the best ones then you are at right place because I have prepared this list of top 5 best gaming console by doing a qualitative research.

There are so many consoles available in digital gaming market even a single company offers different series of consoles with different versions. And it becomes very difficult for us to choose the best one among the different available. So we provide you with the list of best gaming consoles in 2018 along with their specifications, prices, warranty period and all other considerable features.

Some of the heavier contenders in the gaming industry bring the highest definition of 4k resolution possible, smooth and high-performance display that capture every detail of the action. Others are more simple and put an emphasis on first-party title game and functionality. But today we discuss only about high graphics gaming consoles because nowadays they too come in a low price range with high visual and gaming quality.

Comparison list of Top 5 Best Gaming Console in India

Everyone has their own choice or preference or their own way of choosing the best. Some consider price most important, believeieves in quality, some follow features or graphics, but most of us generally try to find the product that contains the benefits of all the above. If you are that kind then read the list properly ‘you would be able to find your answer’.

The wait is over, now you should proceed further for the list that compares top 5 gaming consoles available for Indian market in 2018.



It is the most powerful gaming console in today’s gaming industry because of high performance of games, true 4K gaming, play on Xbox live, the most advanced gaming network works with all your  Xbox One games and accessories.

Specifications :

  • This is the world built for true 4K gaming with 2160 p frame buffers
  • Brilliant graphics with a high dynamic range
  • You can also play 4K games like Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3 and sea of thieves, the way they are meant to be played on Xbox One X 6
  • Rely on the fastest table and dedicated Xbox live servers
  • Periods premium Dolby atmos and DTS X audio
  • 6 teraflops of graphical processing power
  • Enjoy 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray and 4K video streaming
  • Play 100 + console exclusive 300 Plus Xbox 360 games
  • works with all your Xbox games and accessories
  • Stream and record clips in 4K resolution at 60fps
  • See every frame with 326 GB per second memory bandwidth
  • 1-year warrant 




It is sold around 64 million worldwide. It is the latest model in Sony play stations. PS4 PRO 1TB console brings an updated version of the system with even more robust power.

Specifications :

  • Experience incredibly vivid vibrant colors with hbr visuals
  • 30% slimmer, 16% lighter than original ps4 model
  • 4k gaming and entertainment games and movies shine with amazing 4k clarity graphics, become more shopper and most realistic
  • High dynamic range with and HDR enabled tv compatible ps4 games, display and intensely vibrant range of colours
  • Ps4 pro games burst into life with sharp graphics, vibrant colours, textures, environment and smoother, more stable performance, games playable at 1080 p at minimum
  • Twice the gpu power of a standard ps4
  • It’s huge library includes 1648 games which can be played in hd with it’s pro version
  • The system is also good for its multimedia functionality
  • 1 year warranty



best gaming console


Currently, sony playstation 4 is ranked 3rd  in the top list of gaming console in India. It gives you best gaming experience with HDR technology. It also supports virtual reality but if you want to use it you have to buy playstation VR separately.

Specification :

  • Slimmer and lighter console with stylish new look
  • Experience epic adventures battle the best player online
  • High HDR visuals are more realistic Vivid and truer to what the human eye sees in the real world
  • Fast, personal and easier to share, connect and play with friends
  • Dual shock 4 wireless controller
  • You can also buy playstation VR separately
  • 1 year warranty



best gaming console


Xbox is the best competitor for PlayStation and people always get confused which one to choose. If you are a Xbox lover and do not want to spend large amounts on PlayStation then maybe this is the model which you are looking for it has 1 TB hard drive included.

Specifications :

  • This Console includes a full game download of tom clancy’s: the division
  • Play and store your games including your Xbox 360 games with 1tb hard drive
  • Play with friends on xbox live, the world’s premier gaming community and enjoy your digital and disc based xbox 360 games
  • Experience the unique intensity precision and comfort of the xbox one wireless controller
  • Jump ahead with xbox one. experience the greatest games lineup in xbox history with exclusive like guardians, rise of tomb raider and Forza motorsport 6
  • 1year warranty




With the largest library of games and apps. Xbox 360 has something for everyone to play blockbusters like Halo, Forza Motorsport and minecraft. Watch hd movies, live events, tv shows, sports.

Specifications :

  • Collection of wide variety of games
  • Save your games and store television programmes, films, music, demos and more extra things available from Xbox live marketplace
  • Play games with friends online through multiplayer and enjoy HD movies, sports, etc.
  • 500gb storage space
  • 1 year warranty

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Main basis of comparison should be

  1. Price
  2. High dynamic range
  3. Graphics
  4. Games collection
  5. Warranty
  6. Storage ( 1TB or 500Gb)
  7. Display or visual performance (1080 p or 2160p frame)
  8. 4k gaming
  9. Wireless controllers
  10. Stylish looks of the console
  11. Video streaming quality

You should choose a combination of factors and then consider those factors at most to choose your gaming console. Everyone has their own preferences but i prefer to consider price first and then all the other factors.

Actually, this is the series that I follow while buying a play station. But you can consider any of these and compare them from the list that is provided above and find out the best gaming console for you.

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