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Top 5 Best Garment Steamer:- With The Best Price And Reviews

Dear user Welcome to the post of Best Garment steamer In India. Garment steamers are an easy way to freshen and straighten up all types of clothing. In this article, you will come to know how to choose the perfect garment steamer for your needs and you will get the best garment steamer.

A Person who travels a lot can understand the pain of removing the wrinkles from his clothing by using a hotel iron and ironing board. Sometimes you even get an iron and iron board are even available, they are usually in disrepair and probably unusable. Then your ultimate solution is to buy a travel garment steamer which fits in your luggage and is always available to remove wrinkles from your clothing. You will get the best garment steamer from here.

While using iron for keeping your clothes wrinkle free is generally a monotonous and a boring chore. Everyone got tired of slaving away with the heavy iron and ironing boards so it’s better to go with the garment steamer

There are so many different kinds of garment steamers. Whether it can be tiny little ones which are small enough so that you can pack in a small pocket or in your carry-on luggage. As well as there are large commercial professional garment steamers. Although you may not need a professional sized one. But it’s interesting to have a garment steamer in a home because steamers like that go beyond removing wrinkles. Instead, the amount of steam that they exude will actually not only refresh your clothing but also sanitize your clothing!

When Your clothes go through the continuous flow of hot steam then it will be as if you’ve had them professionally dry cleaned. And the best part is odors will be totally removed from the clothing too. Professional garment steamers are used to hold enough water in their storage tanks to be able to operate steadily for over 70 minutes. Many of them have telescoping rods on which to hang the clothing being worked upon, and even feature rolling casters for ease in storing the units, as well as offering stability to the unit.

We have also listed below Garment steamers in India. Go through our unbiased best Garment steamers for home review. You can also buy the Garment steamers online from Amazon with a good discount and warranty. Below all the listed appliances are from best Garment steamer brands, so you can go with anyone.


List of Top 5 Best Garment steamers in India

Now, This is very easy to buy the best products online through comparison and reviews. Find out the most suitable best Garment steamers for home from the list below. We have also mentioned below discounted Garment steamers price in India. Below all the product is from best Garment steamers brands, Go for the best one.

#1 Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watt Garment Steamer (Purple/White)

Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watt Garment Steamer


  1. Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watts garment steamer is an ultimate solution to condition your clothes and lends them a smooth, wrinkle-free finish.
  2. Also, This Usha garment steamer is absolutely safe to use on clothes and removes lint conveniently. Furthermore, this fabric care appliance will also help to remove germs from your clothes!
  3. With the power of 920 Watts, it has effective performance, 200 ml water tank, generates a large amount of steam for effective steaming

Pros –

  • Detachable lint removal brush;- It will help you to remove lint from fabrics
  • Vertical steaming:- This is quite convenient to smoothen out wrinkles from clothes without risk of clothes getting burnt

Cons –

  • Not any known to me

In this best garment steamer for a home review article, we have also listed pros, cons and best garment steamer price in India.

#2 Inalsa Handy Steam 600-Watt Garment Steamer (White/Purple)

Inalsa Handy Steam 600-Watt Garment Steamer


  1. This garment steamer comes with water level indicator and easy grip handle. It comes with very easy locking. While it can also be used with ease and stored and carried anywhere.
  2. Inalsa garment steamer can be used with ease and stored and carried anywhere.
  3. Also, it has powerful steam to kill germs and removes tough wrinkles with ease.

Pros –

  • It will kill germs, removes dust and keeps your clothes looking like brand new.
  • And the best part is this can be used on all types of clothes, curtains and bed sheets.

Cons –

  • Not suitable for hard fabric

#3 Philips Garment Steamer (GC523/60)

Philips Garment Steamer


  1. This Philips Garment steamer is equipped with 25% larger steam plate* compared to the predecessor models which allows you to cover more fabric area in one stroke and therefore you can be more efficient in steaming your garment.
  2. Philips garment steamer has 5 steam settings for different kinds of fabric. So you can set your preferred steam setting for optimal results on different kinds of fabric.
  3. Also, it is Integrated with double adjustable poles to hang your garments while using the steamer. This is the best garment steamer which is collapsible for easy storage


  • Special garment hanger
  • Glove for extra protection during steaming

Cons –

  • Bit pricey

Before buying any product please do compare best Garment Steamer price in India, on two of leading e-commerce site Amazon. Is our best Garment Steamer in India reviews article is helpful to you? Please let us know in our comment section.

#4 Philips Handheld 1000-Watt Garment Steamer (GC310/07)

best garment steamer

Description :

  1. This Philips garment steamer is ideal for last moment touch-ups and difficult to iron clothes. This is easy to use and quick, it is the perfect addition to your iron.
  2. By using the Philips steamer you do not need an ironing board anymore, which makes ironing hassle-free.
  3. Its Electric pump will provide continuous steam for easy and quick crease removal. This garment steamer has a Detachable water tank for easier filling.
  4. The garment steamer is safe to use on all fabrics. It is one of the best garment steamer for delicate fabrics like silk.

Pros –

  • Automatic continuous steam
    Detachable water tank for easier filling

Cons –

  • Not any known to me

All these products are from best garment steamer brands, You can buy these garment steamer online at amazing discounts.

#5 Russell Hobbs RGS1800-Professional Garment Steamer

Russell Hobbs RGS1800-Professional Garment Steamer



  1. Steam your clothes safely and efficiently with the Russell Hobbs RGS1800-Professional Garment Steamer. You can let out the appropriate amount of steam based on the fabric.
  2. The steamer not only has a conditioning and freshening effect on the clothes, but also it effectively clears out wrinkles and irons them perfectly.
  3. You can use this 1800 Watts Garment Steamer to steam and iron your jackets, shirts, gowns, pants and suits


  • Dual telescopic bars
  • Auto shut-off safety
  • All fabrics settings

Cons –

  • Noisy


We have done a thorough review of garment steamer from all the popular and leading brands in India and we have listed only here the best garment steamer in IndiaWe have compared each of the above electric garment steamers against various features such as garment steamer price in Indiastandard features available. Philips garment steamer systems have many advantages that make them worth considering when you’re shopping for it.

I hope our article about the best garment steamer India reviews article will surely help you to select the best one for your home. You can buy the garment steamer online from Amazon & Flipkart.  

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