Top 5 Best Mass Gainer in India - Read Here Indept Review

Top 5 Best Weight Gainer in India – Read Here Indept Review

If you are skinny and want to gain muscle mass and weight then you should try a mass gainer. Mass gainers provide you with extra Calories and extra protein intake which stimulates the fast growth of your muscle mass. So if you are also looking for the best mass gainer in India, then read our mass gainer review. You can even check mass gainer price below.

The basic rule to gain weight is to eat more calories than what you burn. The weight gainers add extra calories to your diet with essential protein requirement within just a drink.
If you are among those who eat a lot but not gaining weight then there may be two reasons behind it:
1. You have a fast metabolism. are doing more cardio activities (like running and skipping), which burns a lot of calories.

Most of the skinny guys often heard it a hundred of times “why don’t you eat more”;”you are very weak” but they don’t know that it’s very difficult to gain weight and skinny does not mean that you are weak. Eating a lot is not the right way to gain weight but eating more healthy food is most important with essential nutrients intake.

It’s time to take weight gainers on daily basis as weight gainers not only add body weight but also add muscle mass to your body and makes you more muscular. They also provide essential vitamins and minerals needed for our body growth.

Comparing Top 5 Best Mass Gainer in India Along With Their Prices:-

There is a list of top 5 best weight gainers in India comparing their prices, unique features, dosage, etc to make it easier for you to choose the best.



  • It is the best weight gainer in India ranked number one.
  • It contains more than 250 grams of carbs (no sugar added) and other 23 essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals per serving to boost your Weight as well as immunity. This On Serious Mass gainer has sufficient amount of creatine, L-glutamine, and Glutamic Acid which is required to develop muscles.
  • Usage – add 1 scoop of 0N serious mass to 710 ml of water and blend it for around 50 to 60 seconds.You can also add other calories contributing ingredients to increase its effect.
  •  Dosage – one scoop with water gives you 50 gram of protein and 1250 calories which is enough for daily requirement.
  • Price – nutrition serious mass 6 lb chocolate ( Price range ₹3300- 4000).



  • Is ranked second in the list of body weight gainers
  • It is a premium mass gainer which helps to build a lean body with weight gain.
  • True Mass provides fast recovery of muscles and is preferred post workout and before sleep.
  • It contains whey protein calcium caseinate milk protein egg white glutamine.
  • Gives you 700 calories 20-gram EAAS and 10 grams of BCAAS.
  • Dosage – two scoops in initial days and after one or two weeks starting 3 scoops with 750 ml of water.
  • Usage – makes two or three scoops of BSN true mass with 750 ml of water and planned it very well you can also add other calories rich ingredients to it. Drink one serving daily.
  • Price – BSN true mass 5.82 lb Vanilla flavor has a price range of (₹4599-5000)


best weight gainer in indiaDescription:

  • One serving contains 650 Calories, 60 gram of protein, 85 grams of Carbohydrate and 24 other essential vitamins and minerals.
  • This supplement provides Complex carbohydrates, dietary fibers, mcts, enzymes, vitamins for the overall development of muscles.
  • Usage – add 1scoop of ON Pro gainer into a glass of water and blend it for about 1 minute. Take 1 dosage of supplement daily post workout or between meals.
  • Price – on Optimum Nutrition Pro gainer 5.09 LBS chocolate is priced at (₹5099-6600)


best mass gainer in indiaDescription :

  • This product contains 840 Calories and 63 grams of protein with 131 gram of Carbohydrates and 17 gram of BCAAs and 10 grams of creatine per serving.
  • It is most suitable if we want to build muscle with improved digestion and metabolism.
  • The Macro nutrients present in this supplement helps to increase the level of insulin in our body.
  • Usage – add 4 to 5 scoops into a glass of water and blend it very well for 60 seconds. Take one serving daily before sleeping or post workout.
  • Price – Muscletech mass Tech performance series 7 lb is priced at (₹4169 – ₹4300).


best mass gainer in indiaDescription :

  • It’s Serving sizes is of 343.1 gram which includes 1300 calories, 52 gram of protein, 253 gram of Carbohydrates, 17 gram of BCAAs.
  • It contains L-Glutamine, creatine, monohydrate which helps in synthesizing proteins in muscles.
  • It is beneficial for those who are not just looking for weight gain but want to strengthen the muscles.
  • Usage – Two scoops well blended with water (500ml -700ml). Take 1 serving daily.
  • Price – Dymatize super mass gainer 6lb has a price of (₹4200-5500).


• Prices are given or not exact values this the approximate terms which may vary depending on where you are buying from.
• If you have some disease or medical illness then the first contact consult your doctor regarding the supplement.
• There are no side effects of the supplements if you considered the questions given on its label and consume them according to the prescribed dosage.
• You should buy these supplements from trusted sellers only.
• For better results try to do regular exercises.


This article compares the top 5 best weight gainer in India along with their prices and composition the person willing to gain weight should consider the best suitable supplement according to his/her requirement.

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