Top 5 Best Sandwich Maker in India: Prices and Reviews

Best Sandwich Maker in India

Looking for the best Sandwich maker in India for your daily needs. In this post, we provide you the list of best Sandwich makers in India which makes your task of making Sandwich easier. Indian households are getting more advanced and started using small kitchen appliances with the latest technology to ease their daily tasks. And the Sandwich maker is one such device.

The best Sandwich maker makes it possible for you to cook the best sandwiches in no time, whenever you are in hurry to reach somewhere. It makes sure that you don’t have to leave home with an empty stomach. It is an extremely affordable product which adds class to your kitchen and you can make many recipes with it.

List of Top 5 Best Sandwich Maker In India to Buy :

Keeping in mind all of your needs and must factor for a Sandwich maker, we have prepared this list of top 5 best Sandwich maker in India to buy.



It is the best product from Havells Sandwich makers list. It is specially built for people who are looking for perfection along with good looks. This grill sandwich maker is a great product with a capacity of 4 sandwiches at once. And according to our research, this one is the best Sandwich maker in India.

Specifications :

  • Food grade Non stick inner coating which ensures easy cleaning as well as easy removal of Sandwich from the device
  • Neon light indicator that indicates that your Sandwich is ready
  • 105 openable grill plate adjustable temperature control knob which helps you to grill at the temperature you want
  • Stainless steel finishing body
  • Power – 2000watt
  • Operating voltage – 220 to 240 volts
  • Warranty – 2years on product

Expected Price range: INR 4,399 – 4,899

In this best sandwich maker in India reviews article, we have also listed here sandwich maker price list in India. The price may vary sometime. Also, you can buy these best grill sandwich maker online



This philips sandwich maker is the second best Sandwich maker in India for small families. It has a capacity of two sandwiches at once and is perfect for people who like to eat breakfast at the bed.

Specifications :

  • Non-stick coating that allows easy cleaning
  • It is an amazingly strong and durable Sandwich maker
  • The high temperature toasts the sandwiches evenly for tasty and crispy sandwiches
  • Handle keeps cool for safety during toasting
  • Rubber feet ensure the product stays at one place while toasting
  • Easy push-down lock system
  • Operating voltage – 220 to 240 volts
  • Power – 820 Watt
  • Warranty – 2 years

Expected Price range: INR 1,999 – 2,200



This prestige sandwich maker has advanced non-stick coating on the grill plates is two times durable in this new Sandwich maker. It also reduces the needs for using oil for toasting sandwiches. This grill sandwich maker is highly efficient one and produces grill sandwich in just few minutes. This one is the third best grill sandwich maker in india.

Specifications :

  • Ergonomic handle – it let’s you hold and use it in any manner. The handle helps you work in a more efficient manner
  • Fixed grill plates
  • Non stick inner coating and heating plate. Non toxic plates
  • Indicator light
  • Less power consumption
  • Power – 800 watt
  • Warranty – 1 year

    Expected Price range: INR 1,000 – 1,200

Before buying any product please do compare various sandwich maker price in India on leading e-commerce site Amazon. Is our best sandwich maker in India reviews article is relevant to you? Please let us know.


Best Sandwich Maker in India


It has all the features that you are looking for. It comes switch an easy to cook surface which is also easy to clean.

Specifications :

  • Comfortable front handle for carrying it around
  • Ready to cook and power on neon indicator light
  • Power – 750 watt
  • Operating voltage – 230 volts
  • Easy to clean non stick cook plates
  • Enabled preheating feature
  • Oil drip feature that do not allow to absorb excess oil
  • Warranty – 2 year

Expected Price range: INR 1,599 – 1,799


Best Sandwich Maker in India


It uses the latest technology to toast or grill sandwiches which is made for a big family. You can buy this nova sandwich maker without thinking too much. Also this sandwich maker price is very affordable so you can go with it.

Specifications :

  • Large size grill toaster with superior quality
  • Heavy duty toasting and grilling
  • It comes with great looks with white and black color
  • Operating voltage – 210 to 250 volts
  • Power – 1800 watt
  • Warranty – 1 year on product

Expected Price range: INR 3,599 – 3,999

Important features to focus while buying a Sandwich maker

You must know what to look for while buying a sandwich maker for yourself because it is quite tricky to select the best sandwich maker among various available in the market because of not all of the functions in the same way and you may get confused if you are buying it for the first time. So, try to consider the given factors while buying a Sandwich maker :

  1. SIZE: The main focus should be on the size of the Sandwich maker because it must be handy and best suitable for your kitchen. It should be not so large in size and must fit easily in the available space of your kitchen.
  2. NON STICK COATING: It is the most important feature because it helps in better grilling and cooking without any stickiness of food to the surface. It also ensures better cleaning of appliance easily.
  3. HANDLE TYPE: steel handles are preferred other than plastic handles because plastic handles might break.
  4. FEATURES: A Sandwich maker has different new features such as different cooking modes.
  5. SURFACE: the material used to make the surface of Sandwich maker defines its durability and quality. Generally, Teflon is a better choice. It tends to last longer and is also easier to clean.
  6. PRICE: Last but not the least factor that affects our decision to choose the best. The product must be price worthy.

Types of Sandwich makers :

There are basically two types of the best sandwich maker in India, which we have listed below.


It has two press on top and bottom which can be used for grilling purposes. They are more efficient and multi-usage. It is perfect for toasting. They work as an alternative for toasters and can be used to prepare your favorite sandwiches, paws, vada and other grills like paneer tikka.


These are a new form of a traditional handheld Sandwich makers. They are generally less costly than most of the Panini Sandwich maker. These four triangle Sandwich makers are generally used to make grilled Sandwich with four pieces.

Check here 5-minute sandwich maker recipes and enjoy delicious food with your family.

Benefits of a sandwich maker

The innovation of the sandwich maker is done to ease your daily task of toasting bread or preparing sandwiches. It can be used for a no. of purposes in your kitchen. A sandwich maker is a must appliance for your kitchen. You should invest in the best sandwich maker in India without any confusion about its usage. Some of the benefits offered by a sandwich maker are mentioned below :

  1. Perfection – the sandwich makers are made for people who don’t have that much perfection in their cooking and are looking for perfect food. The sandwich maker is made using the latest technology to make your life full of tasty food. It helps you to prepare perfect food that suits your taste.
  2. Easy operation – sandwich makers are very easy to operate. They are a simple electronic device that does not have complex processes while using. It is one of the best devices for people who want tasty food without any hassle.
  3. Lesser time – time taken by a sandwich maker to prepare a sandwich is very much less than the time taken to prepare a sandwich on a gas stove without a sandwich maker. This helps us to cook the food in no time. We only need insert bread with filling in it and set the timer and rest is done by the sandwich maker. You don’t even also need to keep an eye on sandwich maker while it is working.
  4. Variety – you can make a lot of dishes in a sandwich maker of latest technology. These does not only make sandwiches but also other types of food. You can use your cooking talent and add some creativity to your sandwiches and their dishes with this sandwich maker.
  5. Tastier food – the sandwich makers offer you the best dishes it can make. It helps you to make sandwiches tastier and healthier. The best sandwich maker which is using the latest technology makes sure that you need less oil to make your sandwiches. No matter how much oil you put in your sandwich maker, it just uses the required quantity of oil only to keep your health foremost.

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Personal Recommendation:

I personally recommend you to buy this PHILIPS HD 2393 820 – WATT SANDWICH MAKER. This Philips sandwich maker is the best sandwich maker in India according to my personal use. I m using this sandwich maker from 6 months and trust me it is working so good. Also, Philips well-known brand so you can rely on it. You can check its features above

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) – Best sandwich maker

  1. How many sandwiches can be made using a sandwich maker at a time?

The normal sandwich maker can prepare 4 sandwiches of two pieces of bread at a time. It also depends on their size as new models offered by different brands provides more space for additional sandwiches. Usually, a panini sandwich maker can prepare two sandwiches at the same time.

  1. Can we grill paneer or chicken using the sandwich maker?

Yes, the sandwich maker is also useful to grill paneer or chicken pieces. The panini sandwich maker can be used to grill the sandwich perfectly. But you should use small pieces of chicken or paneer to grill them perfectly as entire large piece do not come in direct contact of sandwich maker.

  1. Why non-stick coating used in a sandwich maker?

The non-stick coating is preferred in a sandwich maker because it makes cleaning easy and does not allow to the cheese or another filling to stick on its surface. And if you are using a normal sticky surface sandwich maker then it can sometimes burn your filling or bread and it becomes very difficult to clean the sandwich maker. The nonstick sandwich maker also reduces oil consumption as we use more oil while using a sticky surface sandwich maker to prevent the sandwich in sticking to its surface.

  1. How to clean a sandwich maker?

A sandwich maker can be cleaned using a cloth or tissue paper but after it get’s cool down. Do not try to clean it in its hot temperature. You can also use hot water for cleaning it. Just dip the cloth in hot water and clean the inner surface of the sandwich maker.

  1. Could we toast bread in a sandwich maker?

The sandwich maker can be used to toast the bread but if you want smoothness then apply some butter on it otherwise it can toast the bread even without butter or oil.

  1. What should we do before using the sandwich maker for the first time?

Before first use, you should first lightly brush the surface of the sandwich maker with cooking oil. Heat the device with the lid open for 5 minutes. Then unplug the device and allow it to cool, then remove excess oil with tissue paper.

  1. How does auto-off feature works?

The auto off feature is very important in today’s latest devices. Everyone is busy in their life and sometimes we even tend to forget things. And sometimes it’s not possible for a person to wait for sandwiches even if they are using a sandwich maker. This auto-off feature allows you to do other work when your sandwich maker is making a sandwich. This feature automatically shuts the device off after the sandwich has been cooked or grilled and it also gives you signal through indicating lights present on it.

  1. The technology behind working with a sandwich maker.

The technology used in the working of a sandwich maker is very simple. In this, the coil gets heated up which in turn heats the sandwich plates and these hot sandwich plates grill the sandwich as they are in direct contact with each other.


The task of choosing the best product for yourself is very difficult as we want the product to be very good in its quality, features, looks, durability and less costly. And to ease your life we have prepared this list of top 5 best Sandwich maker in India. You have to only go through the list and follow the features that you are searching for, look for the price that fits your budget and selects the best product for your kitchen.

All the Sandwich makers in this list are best but the only difference is that they have different brands, price, and features. But they all fulfill the most important features that a Sandwich maker must have. So you can buy any of the listed products. But keep in mind that the prices may vary as these prices are approximate terms. You have to get the current price from your retailer or online and it may range around the given prices.

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