Top 5 Best Water Heater In India : Prices and Reviews

Top 5 Best Water Heater In India : Prices and Reviews

Water heaters are also known as geysers. The geyser is the element present in the water heater which heats the water in storage when electricity is supplied. It converts electrical energy into heat energy. ‘Geyser’ is also a synonym for water heaters. We are going to list below best water heater in India.

If you are looking for the best water heater for your bathroom then your search might over now because this article contains all the information about various models of water heaters available in the market and we also compare top 5 water heaters on the basis of various important factors.

We generally use water heaters in kitchen and bathroom. Finding the best water heater for your home is a difficult task because there are various models available in the market and every brand claims that their product is the best but we don’t know whom to trust and which product to purchase. It is also difficult to compare all of their features along with their prices because they are too many. But now you don’t need to worry and bother for selecting the best water heater for your home because we have prepared this list after doing research on customer preferences and reviews on different websites relating to these products. You can buy any product from the list that fits your budget.

While buying a water heater for home, one should consider various factors such as the capacity of the water heater, price, size, bathroom spacing, power consumption, heating capability, instant heating of water, etc.

Top 5 Best Water Heater in India to Buy in 2018

Now, it’s time to compare different best water geyser available in the market. This list has top 5 best geysers.


best water heater in india


American micronic 15-liter water heater consists of a titanium enamel glass lined tank. It provides protection against corrosion as well as hard water. This water heater is specially built for the conditions of Indian water. So this one is the best water heater in India.

Specifications :

  • Capacity: 15 liter
  • The 2mm ultra thick inner steel tank handles pressure up to 8 bars.
  • It has 42 mm PUF installations with a density of 35kg/m3, which saves energy
  • Temperature range of 30-75 degree centigrade
  • It has a capillary thermostat and variable temperature control
  • It has SUS316L heating element which has a long life as well as high efficiency.
  • Three energy saving power mode
  • This water heater has to be installed vertically
  • It weighs 28.9 kg
  • Warranty – 2 years


best water heater in india


The V Guard pebble is an amazing innovation. It can be called as ‘innovation at it’s aesthetic best’ because it works in the way everyone wishes for their bathroom. This one is the second best water geyser in India.

Specification :

  • Capacity – 15 liter
  • The inner tank comes with a 3mm thick coating
  • It has been created by using EPAC (engineered polymer anti-corrosion) technology
  • Interchangeable front panels
  • The lifespan of this water heater has been increased as it protects the tank from any type of corrosion or rust.
  • It can also withstand pressure up to 8kg/cm2.

2 years warranty on the entire product, 4 years warranty on the heating element, 7 years warranty on inner tank

In this best water geyser in India reviews article, we have also listed here water heater price list in India. The price may vary sometime. Also, you can buy these best water heater online



Everyone wants to refresh with hot water bath after a really long hectic day. Especially in water, the hot water bath will boost you up for the rest of the day. It is a stylish water heater with storage tank capacity of 10 liters. This one is the third best water heater in india

Specifications :

  • Capacity: 15 liter
  • Blue diamond™ glass-lined tank comes with this water heater
  • Protection against hard water corrosion
  • An anode rod system with a stainless steel core is present in the tank
  • A special cathodic action is used by the system for increasing the life of the water heater
  • power – 2000watt
  • Temperature ranges between 25-75 degree centigrade
  • Temperature control knob is present which can be used to fix temperature
  • It weighs 10.4 kg
  • 2-year warranty on the product, 3 years warranty on the heating element and 7 years warranty on inner tank


Here is the list of best water geyser in India you can even check the list it might be helpful for you.



The Crompton solarium dlx can be considered as the best instant water heaters in India. The water heater acts as a solution for all the purposes of the water heater. This one is the fourth best water heater in india

Specifications :

  • Capacity – 3 liter
  • It’s rated water pressure is 6.5 bar
  • The outer body is made up of ABS plastic
  • The heating element is combined with a built-in coil which raises the water temperature
  • Power – 3000watt
  • Thermal cut out a feature that ensures if water temperature exceeds the preset level then the thermal cut out cuts off the power supply to assure safety.
  • The glass coating tank prevents rusting and makes the product abrasion-free
  • 2 years warranty on the product



Bajaj flora instant water heater comes with good looks and designer body. It is elegant, suitable and safe for high rise buildings. Hot water is provided instantly by bajaj instant water heater. This one is the fifth best water heater in india

Specifications :

  • Capacity – 3 liter
  • Thermoplastic outer body – prevents rusting and corrosion
  • FIre retardant cable provides additional safety
  • Pressure withstanding capacity of 8 bars
  • ISI certification – assurance of product quality
  • Neon indicators for ‘ON’ and ‘HEATING’
  • 2 years warranty on entire product and 5 years warranty on tank

Before buying any product please do compare various water geyser price in India on leading e-commerce site Amazon. Is our best water geyser in India reviews article is relevant to you? Please let us know.

Some important facts about water heaters

  1. geysers for hard water: If the water you are using contains more salt or it is hard water, you have to buy a water heater that comes with a corrosion resistant inside tank because salty water could corrode the inner tank and damage its properties. If you did not get the same water heater with corrosion resist3nt inner rank then you must go for installing a water softener that converts the hard water into the soft water and there is no issue of corrosion in the geyser tank.


  1. Effect of wattage on water heating time: The wattage of a geyser has an inverse relationship with the time taken by a heater to heat the water. More the wattage, less is the time taken to get hot water. A 5 kW water heater will heat the water fast and takes less time whereas a 2 kW water heater takes more time to heat up the water. A high wattage geyser will surely provide hot water in no time but it also increases your overall house load of electricity and increases your fixed charge in electricity bill.


  1. Thermostat temperature control: generally, all of them have a standard thermostat temperature of 60℃. But this setting can be changed by using the temperature control feature in most of the new technology geysers.


  1. The temperature of input water: Colder water input will take more time to reach thermostat temperature. Therefore the water heating time of the same model of geyser in Delhi is more than the time taken in Tamil Nadu. This time difference is because of different input water temperatures.


  1. Standing losses: water heaters lose heat which is known as standing loss. It is the heat that water heater loses through its surface. According to BEE, standing loss can be defined as the energy consumption of a filled water heater, after steady state condition have been reached when connected to electricity supply and no water is drawn. standing loss depends on the quality of material used for making a water heater. BEE also rates only the branded geysers as these can be trusted for less standing loss and better quality geysers. Here, BEE stands for ‘BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY’.

How does an electric geyser work

The geyser consists of a water tank that has two pipes. One is fitted for inlet of cold water and other for the outlet of hot water. The water heater has a heating element which depends on the thermostat to work in a particular way. The thermostat ensures that water is not heated above a set temperature limit. The inner tank is generally covered with some insulating element and enclosed inside a metal case.

The main technology or p4inciple on which an electric geyser works is the conversion of electric energy into heat through the use of heating element present in the inner tank that increases the temperature of water through conduction of heat to the water.

There are two heating elements in both the upper and lower rank. Both of them does not work simultaneously. First, the top heating element starts and heats the upper tank and when it’s task is complete the function is transferred to the bottom tank heating element which has its own thermostat. The thermostat is basically a bi-metallic disc with each metal having a different coefficient of expansion for heat. So when it reaches its high heating point, it bends and the contact with the switch is broken.

Factors to look for while buying a water heater

  1. BRAND: One must focus to buy a good brand because guarantee, good customer service, safety is definitely offered by a good brand.
  2. POWER CONSUMPTION: one should buy a geyser which does not consume more power than the necessity. Always read the power consumption given in its specifications. Also, check the ISI make given on the product label.
  3. THERMOSTAT: It is one of the most important features of a water heater as it helps to control the temperature. Digital meters also come along with some geysers.
  4. CAPACITY: capacity is the storage tank of a geyser. You should buy according to your usage.
  5. BUDGET FRIENDLY: always try to find the product within your budget because the main features of geysers are available in all of them.

Types of water heaters

Water heaters are of two types :

  1. Instant water heater
  2. Water heater with a storage tank

confused between both, as which to choose?

There are different points of difference between instant and storage tank geysers. These differences are recorded below.

Instant geysers are meant for instant water heating system that provides instantly got water after switching it ON. On the other side, we have storage tank geysers which take its own time to heat the water.

An instant geyser can provide a maximum of 6 liters of hot water and you have to use that water and wait for the next 6 liters of hot water. Whereas in a storage tank geyser you have to wait in beginning and it heats up the water and stores it in the tank. It generally has a high storage limit than the instant water heater

Instant water heaters occupy less space on the wall as they are small in size. Whereas, the storage tank geysers occupies a larger space as comes with a storage tank.

Instant water heaters are a suitable for small sized family who needs one or two buckets of hot water. But storage tank geysers is suitable for large or medium size family who need more than 5 buckets of hot water.

One can take shower only with storage tank geysers as they store a large quantity of hot water. But instant geysers can not assure us of hot water shower as it contains very less amount of hot water.

You can also check here best room heater available for your room in India.


So, the above-mentioned list has top 5 best water heaters. These all are best and competitive and price worthy too. In today’s world, everyone needs an instant water heater because traditional methods are very slow to work and it’s time to move with pace. So, buy any one of these water heaters for your home. We have also listed some small capacity geysers for instant water heating purposes.

This list of top 5  Best water heater in India has listed all the top rated water heaters and you can choose any one of them as they all are trusted brands. You can refer this list for your purchase or you can also search for the products given in the list separately. The prices given for each product may vary depending on where you are buying from, online or offline and discount offers. These are approximate current prices of the water heaters. Please ask the retailer about water heater price of selected products before buying.

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