Health Benefits of Exercise - Why You Should Do Exercise Regularly

Health Benefits of Exercise – Why You Should Do Exercise Regularly

Everyone wants to know that what are the health benefits of exercise. Right?. Human behavior varies but EXERCISING is the common aspect that makes our behavior so common. Everyone knows and believes that exercises make us healthy but most of us never try to roll this quote practically in our daily life. The main reason behind this is our laziness and lack of complete knowledge. This article helps you to understand that how exercises benefit you and your life.

Exercising is defined as the activity or movement of the body that makes your muscle work and burns calories. Doing a physical activity on regular basis is also known as exercise.

“We do not stop exercising because we grow old – we grow old because we stop exercising”    

There are many types of exercising –


Flexibility exercise: flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and also enhance your joints range of motion. They can improve your stretching power and makes you more flexible and reduce the risk of injury during sports. This type of exercise also reduces the lactic acid in your muscles.

Aerobic exercise: Aerobics exercises include running, swimming, dancing, skipping and other activities that work on your cardiovascular system. These exercises directly boost your breathing power and work on your heart health. The helps to improve heart, lungs and circulatory system. They also help you to engage every part of your body with any instant movement.

Strength exercise: strength exercise helps you to increase lean muscle mass. this resistance training works on your muscle by using some resistant weights such as a dumbbell or your body weight. It also helps in increasing bone density and increasing muscle strength. you should work daily on your each muscle group for at least 8 – 12 repetitions.

Balancing exercise: It helps to improve your ability to control and stabilize your body. It is more beneficial in older age as people tend to lose their body balancing power with their increasing age. IT helps to maintain balance in every sports activity. It is beneficial to prevent falls. Let’s find out here health benefits of exercise

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Why should we do exercise daily? : Check Out Health benefits of exercise

Benefits of regular exercise

Exercising is very good for health but doing it on daily basis is the fundamental rule to achieve the goal of good health. Being physically active has shown many health benefits to both physical and mental health.

1. Boost Happiness Levels –

doing exercise daily contributes to our mental health and boost the happiness level in our body by reducing the stress level. According to the study of Penn state university, people who do regular exercise tend to be more happy and stress-free other than the people who never do exercise. They also found that the same people are happier on the day on which they are more physically active than usual lazy days.

Another aspect is that exercise can increase the production of endorphin, which helps to produce positive feelings and reduce the feeling of pain. It makes changes in part of the brain that regulates anxiety and stress.

IT doesn’t matter how intensely do you workout, you only need to do even basic exercise for a prescribed period of time to boost your happiness level. Exercising daily acts as a mood booster and reduce the level of stress and anxiety in your brain.



2. Increase your energy levels

exercising acts a real energy booster for everyone, even for those who are suffering from some medical disease. The exercise involves a lot of physical activity which immediately consumes all of your energy but in long term, it gets compensated by improving stamina and presence of more consumable energy.

In fact, exercising can increase energy levels for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). It can work as a treatment to fight the disease.

sometimes people leave their daily routine of exercise because they do not feel energetic to do the same. But they must know that they are going to get that energy through exercise whether it is an intense or usual workout.

The feeling of persistent fatigue can be avoided by doing six – weeks of regular exercise. It is a tested experiment and solution. Exercise also helps to maintain energy level in a healthy body and it’s a necessary task because energy is the core source that we need to work throughout the entire day.

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3. Exercising is good for your bones and muscles –

The direct impact of doing exercise is on muscles and bones. Most of the people generally do exercise to build strong bones and muscular body.

Weight lifting exercises are generally meant for muscle gaining and developing strongly as well as the muscular body. along with weight lifting, many compound exercises are also used to gain muscle mass. But you have to consume the required amount of protein while doing such kind of exercises. This is because weightlifting exercise helps to release hormones that enhance the ability of your muscle to absorb amino acid. This amino acid helps the muscle to grow and reduce their breakdown.

Exercise also helps to increase bone density in an earlier age but a particular type of exercise do the same for you.

Strong bones and strong muscles always prevent injuries. Practicing regular exercise is important to avoid muscle loss in old age and maintaining strength. The strength of a body is calculated from strong bones and muscles.


4.It reduces the risk of heart diseases –

In many studies conducted in 2013 in which heart patients were considered and the researchers try to quote the difference between the patients who were exercising regularly and on another side, the patients who were given medications. They found that both types of patients are on the same stage improvements after the same time. In fact, in those patients who had already suffered a stroke, regular exercise practice was more effective than medicinal treatment.


5. It can help to improve skin health –

Most of the illness of the human body shows its sign on the skin. Your skin is the one that is suffering from a lot of pollution and facing so many bacterias attacking to it.

Skin damage occurs due to oxidative stress. This stress occurs when the body’s antioxidant cannot repair the damages that the free radicals cause to your skin cells. This oxidative damage can be compensated by exercise as regular moderate exercise increase the production of antioxidant in our body which acts as skin healer.

Exercise also stimulates blood flow and induce skin cell adaptations that help in delaying the skin aging effect.

5.Better sleep –

regular exercise can help you in better relaxation and provide good sleep. The energy consumption that occurs while doing exercise stimulates the recuperative process while sleep. Its effect is not immediate if you are a beginner at exercise and want to improve your sleep quality. A recent study found that it can take up to 4 months to completely found a change in sleeping pattern and quality.

A research also said that an increase in body temperature while exercising also helps to provide good sleep because of this temperature drops during sleep.

Daily exercising is also better for elders who tend to be affected by sleep disorders.

You can choose any type of exercise, it can be only aerobics, only strength exercise or a combination of both of them.

6. Improves brain health and memory power –

If you are facing an issue with your memory power. You just tend to forget things or not able to memorize old memorable moments?

The one way to solve this problem is of doing regular exercise which acts as a brain booster and strengthens your memorizing power. exercising improves the brain functioning and your thinking skills.

Exercise helps to regulate the level of stress and anxiety in your brain. This is another way it is beneficial for your brain. A recent study founds that exercises like aerobics, running or swimming boosts the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain which functions for memory and learning.

Without looking for brain booster foods, you must start doing some exercise and lose sweat.

7. Exercise can help in weight loss –

Major studies show that inactivity and doing no physical activity is the major reason that a person is gaining unhealthy weight.

A person tends to gain unhealthy fat when he/she is not involved in any physical activity on regular basis. And unhealthy fat is the major reason for so many problems or illness. Overweight diseases can surround him and it directly affects the life quality and quantity. Which means most of the overweight people are found to have more diseases than a normal weight person which automatically reduces the life term of a person.

Dieting reduces calorie intake which will lower your metabolic rate and delay weight loss. Which can be replaced with regular exercises for better results of weight loss as exercise increases metabolic rate and helps to burn more calories. Furthermore, studies show that combining aerobic exercises with strengthening exercise maximize fat loss with maintaining muscle mass.

health benefits of exercise


8. Strengthen the immune system –

daily exercise for only 20 minutes would be-be enough to boost your immune system.

IN fact, a study shows that is you do moderate exercise daily or few times a week then the no. of colds you have to face in a year will automatically reduce. Apart from the fit body and healthy lifestyle, exercise helps you to fight off with the harmful disease. exercising boosts the cells in your body that are equipped to fight with bacterias. Thus, daily exercises help us to fight for every type of disease. However, the level of prevention could vary depending on the attacking bacteria.

But doing exercise with enough rest is the right way to work better on immune system because if you do intense exercise without any rest that would bring a negative effect on your immunity and may weaken you.

health benefits of exercise

9. Live a longer and better life –

Being always there for your loved ones and enjoy every moment of your life to it’s best is the thing that everyone wants to achieve in their life. A healthy mind and healthy body is the source to live a longer life with your family. And exercise provides the right and easy way to achieve a longer life.

A research published in 2012, which studied around 6,50,000 people and found that 150 minutes of moderate exercise increases your lifespan by 3.4 years. Exercising for just 10 minutes a day can provide you an extra 1.8 years of life. This research is applicable even for overweight or obese people. Adding exercise to their daily routine help them to add years to their lives.

How much exercise should we do daily?

To maintain your body fitness and get exercising benefits you must do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. This 30 minutes should be spent to do at least moderate exercise. But if you want to achieve more specific fitness goals and want to overpower your body diseases then you have to do exercise opened on your goal and choose the intensity that suits you.

Sitting all time is also a factor that affects your metabolic process. So try to reduce the sitting time in a day along with daily minimum physical exercise.

Keep it in mind that doing exercise is not your motive, but your motive should be doing regular daily exercise. You don’t only need to achieve the weekly goal, try to achieve the daily goal of exercise.

Watch and use these simple tips for home exercise and take health benefits of exercise.

Some researchers said that daily walk can individually work on your fitness. And walking is a must for fitness. So you should try to avoid vehicles for short distances if possible and walk to the office daily. If not, then go for a morning walk daily which boosts your mood with fresh air and adds to your daily fitness goal.

Even if you are doing intense exercise to achieve your special fitness goal, never do it for a long time than required and always remember to eat good food if you are doing heavy exercise. If you are not fueling your body and just working out for a long time then it might have detrimental impacts on your health. Your workout should be between 30 and 90 minutes per day. Is this health benefits of exercise article is useful for you? Please let us know.


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