Top 5 Best Air Fryer In India Reviews And Price List

Top 5 Best Air Fryer In India Reviews And Price List

Everyone wants to eat healthy food, healthy food makes people healthy. Cooking with an air fryer is the best option to cook food without oil or less oil. Hot air fryers use heated air instead of a lot of oil to cook food. The best air fryers use Rapid Air Technology for cooking food. But selecting best air fryer in India is really difficult. But you need not worry about it as we have mentioned below all the best selling one. We have mentioned here air fryer review. Also, tried to give you air fryer price list, but it is possible that price may vary. You can also buy air fryer online from Amazon & Flipkart.

List of Top 5 Best Air Fryer In India Review

Here we are going to list the Best air fryer In India which is available online. We before selecting any appliance read our detailed review. And also check the air fryer price list below.

#1 Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology

Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology



  1. This one is the first best air fryer in India from Philips. The Airfryer’s unique Rapid Air technology helps you to fry, roast, bake, and grill. The fryer is highly efficient in making tastiest meals and snacks with less fat than a conventional fryer. It uses very less amount of oil or no oil.
  2. Philips Airfryer’s comes with a unique design that combines fast-circulating superheated air, starfish design, and its optimal heating feature allows you to fry a variety of delicious food very quickly
  3. This Philips air fryer comes with a removable nonstick coated basket and also, the food basket is dishwasher safe. 
  4. Comes with a capacity of 2.2 L
  5. The product comes with 2-Years of warranty.

Power Consumption: 1425 W

Expected Price Range: INR 9,865 – 10,999 /-

Pros –

  • Temperature adjustement from 80 to 200
  • Cooking time up to 30 minutes
  • Rapid Air Technology
  • Easy to clean

Cons –

  • Small capacity
  • Pricey



In this best air fryer review article, We have also listed air fryer price list for convenience. But price may vary sometime.

#2 Kenstar Aster 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer(OF-KOA15CJ3)

Kenstar Aster 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer




  1. This 2nd best air fryer With the Kenstar Oxy. Using this fryer you can cook your meal with little or no oil. The appliances ensure you to give delicious and healthy meals
  2. The Oxy fryer comes with an easily removable food tray. Now you can able to fry large amounts of food in just one go.
  3. The Kenster air fryer comes with 2 LED indicator. One LED indicates that the power is on and the other one turns on to let you know that cooking is in progress.
  4. A timer is also incorporated into this Oxy fryer, which allows you to set the time for cooking up to 30 minutes. Its auto power cut feature turns off the power when the set time has been completed.
  5. Comes with a capacity of 3L

Power Consumption: 1500 W

Price Range: INR 7,890 – 9,999


  • Easy cool handle to carry
  • A big frying basket
  • Air Outlet Vent

Cons –

  • Might take a bit of time for frying

#3 Pigeon Super 12467 2.6-Litre Air Fryer (Black)

Pigeon Super 12467 2.6-Litre Air Fryer




  1. This Pigeon air fryer is perfect for Baking, grilling, roasting, or frying with just a little amount of oil. So this is the time to say yes to healthy cooking with this Pigeon air fryer.
  2. Enjoy the delicious meal with this air fryer that is specially designed to deliver safe, convenient, and economical cooking experience. This Pigeon air fryer uses just a tablespoon or less oil for cooking crispy delicious food.
  3. Its powerful air distribution technology gives you even cooking and ensures your food an awesome taste.
  4. The fast performance and quick preheating feature of this air fryer help you to prepare snacks in no time.
  5. Comes with a  capacity of 2.6L

Power Consumption: 1400 W

Price Range : INR 3,099 – 4,200


  • Ease Of Operation
  • Elegant Design And Structure
  • Very Safe To Use

Cons –

  • Not any known to me



Before buying any product please do compare various air fryer price list on two of leading e-commerce site Amazon & Flipkart. 

#4 Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt 4L Air Fryer (Black)

Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt 4L Air Fryer


Description :

  • This one is the 4th best air fryer in India From Havells. The Havells air fryer uses the unique Rapid Air Technology. Havells Airfryer allows you to fry, toast, bake, roast, grill and reheat the food with hot air.
  • This Havells air fryer comes with Innovative Air Filtration System it helps to filter out the most unpleasant odours.
  • Also, the air fryer is incorporated with a Timer and an Auto-Off feature along with a Temperature control.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • It comes with the capacity of 4L

Power Consumption: 1230 W

Price Range: INR Price Range: INR 11,445- 13,900

Pros –

  • Cooking capability: Fry, grill, roast and bake

Cons –

  • it noisy


 Is our best air fryer reviews article is relevant to you? Please let us know in our comment section, and also if you are using any of this airfryer then please share your experience.

#5 American Micronic AMI-AF1-35CLDx 3.5 Liters Air Fryer (Black and Silver)

American Micronic AMI-AF1-35CLDx 3.5 Liters Air Fryer


Description :

  1. The American Micronic air fryer comes with an adjustable temperature control to give the perfect result
  2. It comes with non-stick frying basket which makes it easy cleaning
  3. The product’s TurboTunnel Freshair technology fries the tastiest food without using oil in very less time
  4. The device is 50% Bigger, 38% faster, 27% more energy efficient than its first generation fryer.
  5.  It comes with 2 Year India Countrywide Warranty.
  6. Comes with a capacity of 3.5L

Power Consumption: 1500 W

Price Range: INR 5,880- 6,900

Pros –

  •  It may also grill, roast, or even bake your food. Create the whole thing from delicious cakes to tasty fried chicken with the air fryer.

Cons –

  • Noisy


Tips to Choose the Best Air Fryer

When you are going to buy an air fryer, the following are the important thing which you should consider before buying it

The size of the air fryer: You should always select perfect size appliances which will not only satisfy your family requirement but also fit into your kitchen countertop

The power capacity of the air fryer: An air fryer is electric appliances high power can increase your electricity bill. So always go with the best energy efficient air fryer. Most of the popular rages of air fryer capacity range from 700 to 1500 wat.

how to choose the best air fryerControlling and alerting features: You should always select those air fryer which comes with temperature control feature as it will help you to manually control the temperature of the food. Also look for alerting feature which will help you to know that when your cooking is finished

Good warranty services: Always go with an air fryer which comes with very good warranty.

The price of the air fryer: Choose an air fryer according to your budget.There is various type of air fryer available online which offers a wide range of feature at the very economical rate.

Users should always aware of the fact that all the air fryer work on rapid air technology, so before going to buy any of them you should consider above all mentioned point. It will help you to select the best one for your kitchen

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As you can see we mentioned all best selling air fryer reviews, so that everyone with different choice can select the best air fryer in India. If you already have any of these products, or you are planning to buy any of them, then please share your review in the comment section. We have also mentioned air fryer price list so that comparison becomes easier for you. You can even buy air fryer online form any of the e-commerce site



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