Top 5 Best Home Theater System In India Price List

Top 5 Best Home Theater System In India Price List And Reviews

Nowadays it doesn’t matter how much big screen we do have for casting cinemas or videos, The sound of that plays an important role while playing a video.The sound quality improves the enjoyment of watching television. But first, we have to decide which brand we must use in order to get the better quality sound which may feel like a real sound quality.If the sound quality is awesome then the productivity and the quality of that video is amazing.In this post, we are going to discuss the top rated home theaters which are very useful for home offices as well as for small parties. We are also going to list best home theater system in India, I hope our review will help you to select the best one for your home.

The home theaters which are available on the market has a lot of features even they are not playing sound by just getting an input it has blue ray feature as well.It has DVD support also which allows us to stream video as per our choice like through offline media or by streaming online.In this post, we are going to discuss the different features along with their price list which may help us while purchasing the home theater.Normally home theaters come with 2.1, 4.1 and 5.1 surround sound quality.

Best Home Theater brands in INDIA

  • Sony
  • Phillips
  • Intex
  • Zebronics
  • Iball
  • Oscar
  • Bose

As we know that these are the premium brands which are available in the Indian market and easily can purchase due to its average prices.The main confusion in these platforms are each and every one is trying to do best to improve sound quality and each has a better sound. Check below home theater price.

List of Top 5 Best Home Theater System In India Reviews

Here we are going to list the top rated home theater speakers which are available in India and as per the user’s usage and reviews, we are going to list the top 5 best home theater.

#1. Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theater System (Black)


  1. the Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theater System (Black) is the one of the best home theater which is available in Indian market.It has a brilliant sound quality via s master Digital Amplifier.This home Theater comes with high definition 1080P video resolution quality.It has USB movie playback feature which includes Xvid and MPEG4 Simple Profile.
  2. Talking about the speakers it has a  5.1 surround quality speaker which has a brilliant sound quality with 360W audio wattage. Also, if we are playing an HD Quality video up to 1080 P then it produces good sound quality which makes the environment awesome.And it comes with a 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of Purchase.
  3. We can connect this home theater through laptop as well as mobile phone.

Expected Price range: INR 10,500 – 11,599

Pros –

  • Good sound quality
  • Video can be played through USB no need to connect any external device
  • Average Sound Quality

Cons –

  • No Bluetooth or Wireless medium present
  • All video file formats are not supported via USB

In this best Home theater system in India review article, We have also listed these Home theater price list in India for convenience. But price may vary sometime.

#2. Zebronics BT4440 RUCF Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker  (Black, 4.1 Channel)


  1. This Zebronics BT4440 RUCF Bluetooth home theater  (Black, 4.1 Channel) is 2nd best Home Theater in India You can easily purchase it through online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon etc.
  2. This Home theater comes with 4.1 surround channel with high sound quality and having a memory card slot where we can place a memory card and play songs or videos.This Home theater is one best feature which is Bluetooth. By connecting PC or mobile Devices via Bluetooth we can stream live video or music.
  3. It has LED panel who describe the current running procedures who gave us modern feel and look. And talking about the spearks it has 4 Ohms Subwoofer and speakers.It has built-in FM function by which we can connect this to FM networks and can play songs.

Expected Price range: INR 2,700 – 3,500


  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Good sound Quality
  • Low Price
  • Good looking
  • Led Panel Present


  • Not able to use Pendrive

#3. Sony BDV-E3200/M 5.1 Home Cinema  (blu-ray)


  1. The Sony BDV-E3200/M 5.1 Home Cinema  (Blu-ray) is one of the best home theater system in India.You can be purchased from any of the online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon.
  2. Talking about the wireless home theater it has a high-quality speaker which has a brilliant sound with 5.1 surround system.It has DVD also which has 3D compatibility voice feature also.
  3. This home theater has easy Bluetooth connectivity as well also it has one more wireless properties which are Wi-Fi connectivity feature by which we can stream videos.

Expected Price range – INR 26,999 – 27,999


  • Rich Sound Quality
  • Wi-Fi enabled and Bluetooth also
  • Low Signal to Noise Ratio
  • HDR video Quality


  • Too much expansive
  • satellite speakers are not wireless

#4. Intex IT 2616 SUF OS 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers (Black)

best home theater system in indiaDescription:

  1. The Intex IT 2616 SUF OS 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers (Black) is the most popular and higher rated selling theater present in the Daily market.This home theater comes with 4.1 Speaker System with USB, Fm and SD facility.This Theater has USB enabled function through which we can play mp3 songs with the help of pen drive.
  2. This System has functional remote system also which is helpful for controlling its features.

Expected Price range – INR 1500 – 2500/-


  • Low Price and Good Quality
  • Good Sound


  • Do not have too much base

#5. Philips Heartbeat SPA-3000U/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System (Black)

best home theater system in india


  1. The Philips Heartbeat SPA-3000U/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System (Black) is 4the best home theater in India. And it is being sold on a large scale due to its sound and less price.Also, we know that Phillips has a brand market in the field of Video and Sound.So there is no way this speakers are bad or does not meet our requirements.
  2. This theater comes with 5.1 surround speaker system which makes a good sound while playing the music.It is USB 2.0 compatible through which we can play songs as well.

Expected Price range – INR 3,300 – 3,500/-


  • Good sound Quality
  • Low Prices


  • No Video Format is Available

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Personal Recommendation:

According to me, you should buy this Zebronics BT4440 RUCF Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker, Actually, I m personally using this appliance and the product is working very good. Also, it has very good sound quality and base. And the most importantly its price is highly affordable, so you can go with this product, without thinking too much.

Conclusion :

In this post, we discussed the most popular and high rated top home theater system in India. which will help us to purchase the best home theaters as per the requirement.We have done a thorough review of home theaters from all the popular and leading brands in India and we have listed only here the best one hereWe have compared each of the above home theater against various features such as home theater pricestandard features available. The speakers have many advantages that make them worth buying. I hope our ceiling fan reviews will surely help you to select best one.You can also compare these wireless home theater online.

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