Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney Price List And Review

Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney Price List And Reviews

The kitchen is one of the essential parts of any home. Keeping your kitchen clean, safe, and ensuring a healthy life is really important. That is why kitchen chimneys are very popular these days. Kitchen chimney clears smoke, smells odors from the cooking area. They absorb vapors push them instantly out through a vent. Kitchen chimneys which have very high suction capacity work efficiently for those foods which require a lot of frying and steaming. But selecting best kitchen chimney is really difficult. But you need not to worry about as we have mentioned below best chimney in India. Also, tried to give you kitchen chimney price list, but it is possible that price may vary.

List of Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney In India

Here we are going to list the Best Chimney In India which is available online. We have mentioned here all the best selling chimney for kitchen so before selecting any appliance read our detailed review. And check the kitchen chimney price list below.

#1 Elica Kitchen Chimney 60 cm 1100 M3/H (ESCG BF 60 Nero, Black)

Elica Kitchen Chimney 60 cm 1100 M3


  1. This one is the first best chimney in India from Elica. You can enhance the look of your kitchen with its amazing design.
  2. This kitchen chimney comes with a trendy push-button control panel to make easily accessing of its feature.
  3. The product is very robust and will give you flawless service. It does not occupy a lot of space in your kitchen. This small yet powerful appliance will never let you down with its powerful and amazing performance.
  4. This Elica chimney comes with 2 inbuilt LED lamps. chimney for kitchen is very important and Elica is most popular kitchen chimney brands. So you can go with this product.
  5. Comes with a suction capacity of 1100 m^3/Hr

In this best chimney review article, We have also listed kitchen chimney price list for convenience. But price may vary sometime.

Expected Price Range: INR 8,888 – 10,999 /-

Pros –

  • Glass and stainless steel finish
  • Sturdy suction capacity
  • Baffle filters for optimum cleanup

Cons –

  • Auto-clean Feature is not available

#2 Hindware 90 cm 1200 m3/h Chimney (Nevio 90)

Hindware 90 cm 1200 m3h Chimney


  1. This one is the second best chimney in India with a suction capacity of 1200 m³/hr. Its extraordinary design and advanced technology help in maintaining a fresh, smoke-free, and clean kitchen.
  2. The Hindware chimney is equipped with 2 LED lamps and let you enjoy your cooking.
  3. Its one-touch control button helps to create the perfect environment in the kitchen.
  4. Specially designed to meet the different cooking styles its cup collects oils and other residues and keep the chimney clean. Just like Elica, Hindware is also popular kitchen chimney brands.

Expected Price Range: INR 12,685 – 14,999

Pros –

  • Comes with baffle filters
  • Great suction capacity

Cons –

  • Pricey

#3 Elica Kitchen Chimney (WD HAC TOUCH BF 60, Black and Glass)

Elica Kitchen Chimney best kitchen chimney brands


  1. This 3rd best Kitchen chimney in India is a combination of its toughened quality and beautiful appearance and makes it a must-have chimney for kitchen.
  2. Its heat auto clean feature solves the problem of cleaning of your chimney all you have to do is just push the button and you are done with cleaning.
  3. This kitchen appliance comes with 2 LED lamps and consumes 3 Watt of power. The LED lamps give you a perfect light to cook to give you an ease while cooking.
  4. Comes with a suction capacity of 1200 m3/h

Price Range : INR 11,999 – 13,999


  • Baffle filters for optimum cleanup
  • Sturdy suction capacity

Cons –

  • Bit pricey
  • Sometime noisy

#4 Hindware 60 cm 1200 m3/h Chimney (Nevio 60 Auto Clean,Silver/ INOX)

Hindware 60 cm 1200 m3 best kitchen chimney

Description :

  • This one is the best kitchen chimney in India From Hindware. It has powerful metallic blower which is best for performance, consumes less power and creates less noise.
  • With its One-touch control cooking becomes really very easy.
  • The thermal auto clean feature helps in cleaning residue and oil formed inside the chimney and clean it with just one touch.
  • It comes with the suction capacity of 1200 m³/hr>>

Is our best chimney in India review is relevant to you? Please let us know.

Price Range : INR 10,899-14,900

Pros –

  • Comes with Baffle Filter
  • It has energy Efficient LED Lamps

Cons –

  • Not available in All cities in INDIA
  • Sometimes noisy

#5 Glen Kitchen Chimney Gl 6071 Ex 60cm 1000m3/hr

Glen Kitchen Chimney Gl 6071 Ex 60cm best kitchen chimney

Description :

  1. This one is the fifth best kitchen chimney in India. Its optimum size fits perfectly in any kitchen and its sleek look complements any kitchen interior.
  2. The high suction capacity ensures a smoke-free and safe atmosphere in your kitchen.
  3. It comes with two baffle filters which give you perfect environment for cooking. As like Elica and Hindware, Glen is also the best kitchen chimney brands. So you can buy this chimney for kitchen without thinking so much.
  4. Comes with a Suction capacity of 1000m3/hr

Price Range: INR 8,995- 11,900

Pros –

  • Wall Mounted Chimney
  • very energy efficient

Cons –

  • Installation is not free
  • Bit noisy sometimes

Useful Tips For Selecting Best Kitchen Chimney in India


Filter type:
There are three types of electric chimney available on the market. Baffle filter and Cassette type are mostly used and also durable. The charcoal filter is not really durable and needs to be replaced after few months.

Suction power:
Suction power is the most important factor to consider and very difficult to select. It should be 100 m3/h for a standard size room with 10 feet duct.

Noise level:
More powerful suction means more noise. So always select the optimal suction power according to the size of your home. Always select chimney for kitchen having below 6o dba noise is better and below 50 dba is Excellent.

Wattage :
Electricity consumption is really important and it totally depends on the wattage of your electric chimney.

Auto clean feature:
Maintenance and cleaning of the chimney are most difficult and irritating work. So auto-clean is the must-have feature.

If you want to add some extra look to your kitchen then always select stylish one. One thing which you should consider is that conventional design costs less while stylish always costs higher.

Trustworthy brand:
In this best chimney in India buying guide, I must say that there are so many brands available in the market. Selection of brand is always difficult. Always go with best kitchen chimney brands which will give you flawless service.

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As you can see we selected all best chimney in India review, so that everyone with different choice can select the best kitchen chimney at the right price. If you already have any of these products, or you are planning to buy any of them, then please share your review in the comment section. We have also mentioned kitchen chimney price list so that comparison becomes easier for you.

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