Top 5 Best Washing Machine In India Reviews & Price List

Nowadays whenever we tried to purchase an appliance for home we do have a lot of machines which are useful for us.The washing machine is one of the important and necessary appliances but whenever we visited nearby stores in the market or visited online to buy one of the best washing machine in India then you might be we get confused due to a number of variety of that machine which is available in the market.Also, the biggest issue to use washing machine is “Electricity”.As we know that each and every person tried to save electricity also the government is telling us the same thing “Save Electricity”.So in this article, we are going to list the best washing machine in India as per the requirement and which is more efficient of electricity. You can also washing machine online from Amazon & Flipkart.

In this post we are also going to describe about tips and tricks to buy a washing machine along with its verities which are available in market.


List of Top 5 Best Washing machine In India Review

As we know that nowadays we can easily purchase any product online just by visiting some e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

#1. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Silver


  1. This Samsung 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Silver machine is one of the best washing machine in India which is available in the market and being used by a single family.This washing machine comes with Fully Automatic top load feature.It has a single tub to wash clothes and it does its work more clearly and efficiently. The Capacity of the spinner present in this machine is 700 rpm and higher the speed will reduce the drying time.
  2. The body of this machine is made up of stainless steel.If we are using a washing machine then the most painful thing is to wash its tub but this automatic machine does this kind of thing by itself.Also, it has an elegant design and LED Display.
  3. As we know that automatic machines contain some special features as well so this washing machine has a feature which is child lock in order to prevent operations to children.

Power Consumption – 350W

Expected Price Range: INR 16,999 – 18,999 /-


  • too much energy efficient
  • less in price


  • Not suitable for the large family.

In this best washing machine reviews article, we have also listed here washing machine price in India. The price may vary sometime.

#2. IFB 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine White  (Diva Aqua VX)


  1. The IFB 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine White  (Diva Aqua VX) is the 2nd best washing machine in India.This IFB washing machine is the best fully automatic machine which has some special settings as well for better wash quality.The capacity of its spin motor is 800 rpm which is good for the better wash in less time.
  2. This washing machine has 15 wash programs also able to wash different fabrics.The body of this washing machine also made up of stainless steel.and this washing machine has higher withstand spin speed which is good for better wash quality.
  3. It has one more feature which is known as the 2D wash which is for sparkling clothes.It made something like that the water in the drum circulates a whole 360 degrees. This machine self-balances it did not spread the clothes inside the tub.

Power Consumption – 2150W

Expected Price Range: INR 20,999 – 23,999 /-

Pros –

  • Stainless Steel Best in class Body
  • 15 Number of wash programs
  • 2D Wash for Sparkling Clothes


  • Price is a little bit high as per the features
  • Not energy efficient.

#3. Haier 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine White  (HWM 60-10)


  1. The  Haier 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine White  (HWM 60-10) is one of the best machines for small families and couples.Like the remaining machines, it has a single tub to wash in quality.The spin motor capacity is 1000 rpm which helps us to dry quickly.It has total 6 washing programs by which it can wash a number of fabrics.
  2. It has a good feature which is Foam detection techniques.which help us not to worry about the skin allergies and detergent stains on our clothes.It has a built-in sensor which analyzes the foam density in the water.
  3. It has too much less noise which is good for washing.

Power Consumption – 325 W

Expected Price Range: INR 9,865 – 10,999 /-

Pros –

  • Good electricity efficient
  • low noise level


  • Not ideal for large family.

#4. LG 8 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Blue  (P9037R3SM)


  1. The LG 8 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Blue  (P9037R3SM) is one of the best selling washing machine which is being used in India.It is a semi-automatic top load machine which has the spin speed is 1000 rpm.This washing machine has Plastic Special Rust Proof drum with high durability.
  2. This LG washing machine does not require any kind of installation.This machine has 3-Wash programs, jet dry and magic wheels feature.The body of this machine made up of plastic and having two separate tubes for washing and drying.

Power Consumption :360 W

Expected Price Range: INR 13,200 – 15,999 /-

Pros –

  • Good product in less price
  • ideal for families upto 8 members
  • Energy Efficient


  • Not available yet

Before buying any product please do compare various washing machine price in India on two of leading e-commerce site Amazon & Flipkart. Is our best washing machine reviews article is relevant to you? Please let us know.

#5. Godrej 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Grey  (WT 620 CFS)

best washing machine in india


  1. The Godrej 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Grey  (WT 620 CFS) is one of the top most Fully Automatic Top Load machine. It has a single tub load of great wash quality.The spin motor speed is 700 rpm.And it has 3 Number of wash programs which is helpful for wash number of a variety of clothes.
  2. This Godrej machine has one more feature which is auto restart with memory backup.If washing process is in progress then suddenly electricity cuts then this machine will ensure that the selected wash program stays the way we had set it during power failures and then also notified us when restart.

Power Consumption– 425W

Expected Price Range: INR 13,999 – 16,999 /-


  • Ideal for couples
  • Electricity Efficient
  • auto restart with memory backup


  • Less RPM speed so it will take more time to dry.

Types of Washing Machine :

1. Regular Top Loading Washing Machines

Top loading washing machines are the traditional type washing machine which is available in the market.The working principle of this machine is that once we put the clothes inside the tub including water and detergent then the agitator spins the cloths from top to bottom and vice versa.We prefer Top-loading machine if we do not want to strain much more to our body.The Top-Loading washing machine is also of two types :

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine – 

This is the most popular and innovative seamless choice of Indian women. This washing machine has two separate contains one for washing and another one is for drying.Also, it comes at less price as compare to others.The manufacturing company for this washing machine is like Godrej, Whirlpool, Onida etc.

  •  Fully Automatic Washing Machine – 

    The fully automatic machine has an attractive look which seems to be something professional.It contains only one tub in which it did the washing, drier as well as rinser. It cost a little bit high as compared to the remaining machines available in the market.the Manufacturing brands which are available in the market is as IFB, Godrej, Whirlpool, Samsung, and Videocon etc.

Front Loading Washing Machines – 

This is fully automatic machines.In this kind of machines, clothes are loaded from the front side. It takes very less electric energy, water and detergent and after that provides us the best washing results. It has a fast spinner which extracts wetness from wet masses so that our drying times can be reduced. Its large capacity which allows us to wash many bulky fabric items at a time, without giving up the effective cleaning. It has additional features as well:

  • Child lock
  • Hot water wash
  • Wash load (amount of clothes that the washing machine can handle) sensor etc.

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Conclusion :

As we discussed the machines which are good as per the Indian customer reviews so that it will helpful for us to go ahead and buy as per the requirement and decision.

Personal Recommendation

According to me this Haier 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine White  (HWM 60-10) is the best washing machine in India, it consists all the important features and also very economical. So overall it is a budget washing with all essential features

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