Top 5 Best Window AC In India Reviews Rating And Price List

Top 5 Best Window AC In India Reviews Rating And Price List

Window air conditioners are small units which are designed to fit in the window space. A window air conditioner is the best appliance for cooling a single room or a group of rooms that do not have any partition walls. A window air conditioner consists of a compressor, blower, fan, evaporator coil, condenser coil, thermostat, and a filter. In this summer when heat making its way back into your life, window air conditioners are the best addition to the home. These appliances are an easy and convenient way to cool your home. But selecting a best window air conditioner is really difficult. here we are to help you, We have listed here best window ac in India. we have also listed below window ac price list. Go through our unbiased best window ac in India 2018 reviews.

List of Top 5 Best Window AC In India

Now, it is very easy to buy the best products online through comparison and reviews. Find out the most suitable best window ac in India 2018 for you from the list below. We have also mentioned below window ac 1.5 ton price. Below all the product is from the best ac brand, Go for the best one.

#1 Voltas Window AC 1.5 Ton (Copper, 185 DY/185 DZA,5- Star)

Voltas 1.5 Ton Window AC


  1. This AC is one of best window ac in India from Voltas. This Voltas air conditioner comes with Anti-Dust Filter. This filter eliminates all the harmful dirt and germs from your room
  2. Its intelligent dehumidification features remove damp from your room during rainy days.
  3. This Voltas ac is highly energy efficient that helps to reduce your electricity bills. If you are looking for an ac for office or room then this one is also the best 1.5 ton window ac for home use.
  4. The air conditioner comes with sleep mode, that means it increases the room temperature itself by 1 degree each hour for the first 2- hours and then returns back to the previous temperature setting. As Voltas is the best ac brand in india so you can relay on this unit.
  5. 1-year warranty on product and 5 years warranty on compressor

Power Consumption:1661 Watts

Expected Price Range: INR 28,600 – 32,999 /-

Pros –

  • Aluminum condenser for cost reduction
  • Multiple layers of air filters for supply for clean and healthy air

Cons –

  • Sometimes Noisy
  • Little Pit pricy

In this best window ac in India 2018 reviews article, we have also listed pros and cons and window ac price list.

#2 Hitachi Window AC 1.5 Ton (RAV518HUD Summer QC,5-Star)

Hitachi Window AC 1.5 Ton


  1. This AC is second best window AC in India from Hitachi. The AC is very smart that it itself set a desired room temperature and let you feel comfortable.
  2. This Hitachi ac comes with the auto filter clean indicator. This feature reminds you when to clean the AC’s filter so that you will always able to get healthy and fresh air and save power too.
  3. Auto Climate intelligent feature senses the temperature and humidity in your area and adjusts the temperature and fan speed to provide you comfortable cooling experience.So if you are looking for a 5-star air conditioner then this one is best 1.5 ton window ac.
  4. 1-year warranty on product and 5 years warranty on compressor

Power Consumption:1530 Watts 

Expected Price range: INR 37,090 – 41,999

Pros –

  • Highly efficient condenser with copper coils
  • Auto Restart Mode
  • Digilock

Cons –

  • Bit Noisy at high-speed settings

#3 Carrier Window AC 1.5 Ton (CACW18EA3W, 3-Star)

Carrier Window AC 1.5 Ton


  1. If you are looking for a low Energy consumption but highly efficient AC then buy this Carrier best 1.5 ton window ac for your home.This air conditioner is the third best window ac in India
  2. The ac comes with smart diagnosis feature in case of any malfunction, the AC will not only automatically switch off but also indicate the error code which helps to eliminate the problem immediately.
  3. If the ac turns off unexpectedly due to a power cut, it will restart with the previous setting automatically when the power resumes.
  4. Its Nexgen Dehumidifier feature allows the ac to reduce the humidity of the room .
  5. 1-year warranty on the product and five-year on the compressor.

Power Consumption:1430 Watts

Price Range: INR 30,000-32,180


  • Smart Time Guard
  • Auto Swing
  • Build-in Slinger

Cons –

  • Does not comes with climate control feature

Before buying any product please do compare various window ac 1.5 ton price, on two of leading e-commerce site Amazon & Flipkart. Is our best window ac in India 2018 reviews article is helpful to you? Please let us know in our comment section.

#4 LG Window AC 1.5 Ton ( LWA5CP3A L-Crescent Plus, 3 Star Rating)

LG Window AC 1.5 Ton Best Window AC In India

Description :

  1. This 4th best window ac in India from LG comes with special dehumidification mode that effectively regulates the humidity level of the room. Works very smoothly even the temperature is fluctuating. this one is the best 1.5 ton ac for home use.
  2. LG air conditioners are equipped with various features such as auto restart, energy saver mode and on/off timer that promises to give you the best even cooling with reduced electricity bills.
  3. Also, this LG ac comes with dual protection filter which ensures that the air you breathe in is clean and pure.
  4. 1-year warranty on the product and five-year on the compressor.

Power Consumption:1610 Watts

Price Range : INR 27,370-30,900

Pros –

  • Dehumidification feature to remove excess humidity from the room
  • Auto restart mode to achieve the required temperature soon after the unit’s restart
  • Large coverage area.

Cons –

  • Lacks in auto sleep mode

Is our best window ac in India reviews article is relevant to you? Please let us know.

#5 Lloyd Window AC 1.5 Ton  (LW19A3N, 3 Star)

Lloyd Window AC 1.5 Ton Best Window AC In India


  1. This one is last best window ac in India from Lloyd in Our list.The air conditioner is perfect for the hot and humid climate.
  2. Its amazing Dust filters keeps your home or office dust free and kill all the outdoor bacteria.
  3. Spend your hot summer nights with this Lloyd best 1.5 ton window ac peacefully. This ac comes with an automatic on/off timer so sleep peacefully without any trouble of getting too hot or too cold.
  4. If you are looking for a perfect ac for your small room then this one is the best 1.5 ton window ac for home use.
  5. This Lloyd AC is highly energy efficient. As Lloyd is the best ac brand so you can relay on this unit.
  6. 1 year warennty on the product, 1 year on the condenser, 5 years on compressor

Power Consumption:1676 Watts

Price Range: INR 23,490-27,180


  • Fix Problems with Self-Diagnosis mode
  • Self-Diagnosis
  •  digital dynamic LED display

Cons –

  • Little bit pricey

Benefits Of Having A Window Air Conditioner


  1. Easy installation. The units are easy to set up because there is no ductwork to install. The only a small hole in a wall for the control wiring and copper tubing. The condenser unit can place anywhere also on the roof.
  2. Easy maintenance. Window air conditioning systems are really very easy to maintain. They come with washable filters and only routine cleaning is needed.
  3. Quiet operation. The indoor units of these systems are generally very quiet best suited for classrooms, libraries, boardrooms, and bedrooms.
  4. Heating capability. Most of window air conditioning units have climate control feature with additional heating control.
  5. Cost-effectiveness. window air conditioning systems work well efficiently in every situation.You can save energy because smaller fan motors are used.
  6. Simple control. Most units come with a remote control, and a wall mounted thermostat, hence temperature control became really very easy and convenient.
  7. Attractive design. Instead of a clunky and big window ac unit, The best window ac units add an attractive look to your decor. So there is no need to block your windows.
  8. No Floor Space Needed Here: Your window air conditioning appliances is not going to take up much space at all. They are designed perfectly to fit into your window.
  9. Multi-Functional For Year-Round Use: Many window air conditioners do more than just provide cool air. There are many window ac available that can provide both heating and cooling for your home.

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We have done a thorough review of AC from all the popular and leading brands in India and we have listed only here the best 1.5 ton window ac in IndiaWe have compared each of the above ACs against various features such as window ac price liststandard features available. window air conditioning systems have many advantages that make them worth considering when you’re shopping for air conditioning. I hope our best window ac in India reviews will surely help you to select best window ac for your home.


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